Concrete Cove

New project from Uptown Swuite features collaborations with Kahlee (The Seed), Slo-Mo, Rappin' 4Tay, Mistah F.A.B and New Zealand artists Ahorangi and Mr. Sicc. Production from Amazing P, Wild Urkil, Dreek, Mykill Miers and more. The debut singles 'Love' featuring Ahorangi, and 'Summertime' are at your favorite radio stations now. Request them.


The Joy Of Painting: The Boss Ross E.P

Debut E.P from Uptown Swuite, recorded in New Zealand for the State House Records label. Featuring the single 'Focused & Stack' with Fiji, and 'Chance To Heaven' with Callir. The E.P also features an appearance from Public Enemy's Chuck D, and production from Da Beatminerz, Mykill Miers, P-Money and more.


First Flight Up

Collaborative release from Uptown Swuite and DJ Flow. Northern California rhymesayer Uptown Swuite and producer DJ FLOW have come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners the First Flight Up EP, their official debut project as duo City Lights. The project packs six original jams from the newly-formed crew, including reader-approved lead single "Fly Away." Carlo Key makes the sole guest appearance on the EP, which is produced in its entirety by DJ FLOW.
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Church Street Blues

The project features 16 original cuts and mixtape freestyles from the up-and-comer, including previously-featured, Booth-premiered leaks "When I Die," "Encore" and "Southside." Joining Uptown Swuite throughout the project are Ant Chedda, R-Cade, Ganxsta Ridd and Pistallion. Original production comes courtesy of DJ Flow, FourFive and Usef Dinero.
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Samoan born mc Uptown Swuite hails from Vacaville, a small city nessled deep amongst the outskirts of Northern California. Still, from the confines of the little known place, he has been able to develop an extensive following unrestrained by his location, that spans the entire globe.

With a distinct reputation as a fierce highly skilled no nonsense mc, a relentless hustler – having sold thousands of mixtapes out of his backpack – and a beast when it comes to live shows, Uptown Swuite is already a name mentioned within the halls of hip hop fame.

Uptown Swuite's unique ability for storytelling captures his audience with vivid imagery and verbal paintings so real, the listener instantly becomes drawn in. With a lyrical prowess not dissimilar to Nas, and while being lyrical can be a hindrance, he manages to still make good music with accessability to listeners from various walks of life, uninhibited by race, sex or location while staying true to himself. In the studio, his work ethic is unmatched with stories floating around the Hiphop industry of Uptown Swuite's uncanny knack for writing entire songs in unrivaled amounts of time.

The list of artists Uptown Swuite has collaborated with (Lee Bannon, Torae, Tassho Pearce, Supastition, Blame One, Frank Dukes, Keelay and Zaire, Zion-I, Jacka, Usef Dinero, Ganxsta Ridd of the Boo Yaa Tribe, Evidence and Rakaa of Dilated Peoples, Fortilive, Homeboy Sandman, iLLMind, Sicknature of the Snowgoons, Revolution of the Mind, J-Boog, Fiji, Chong Nee, King Kapisi etc.) reads like a whos who of – quite literally – the world of Rap.

Performing alongside artists from Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Mobb Deep, Bone Thugs & Twista to Immortal Technique, Dilated Peoples, Murs, Redman & the Kotton Mouth Kings, Uptown Swuite has managed to spread his roots through numerous sub-genres of Hip-Hop music crossing cultural and ethnic boundaries through his lyrics and art form.

For most, however, the name Uptown Swuite became forever planted in their minds when he made a classic appearance on Sway and King Tech's World Famous Wake Up Show in October 2008 (syndicated globally) courtesy of the '100k Battle' contest.

This would not be Uptown Swuite's last appearance on the contest circuit however, as he would go on to place as a finalist in the Jake One/Rhymesayers contest, the Motorola Emerging Artist Challenge, the Duckdown/NBA 2K11 contest with fellow Seed group member Kahlee and most recently the Jahlil Beats contest hosted by Hiphopdx.com in which he took first place.

Along with his parner Kahlee, Uptown Swuite has filmed for an episode of MTV MADE. Not only has he filmed for MTV, he has also been featured on numerous nationally televised programs in the United States and New Zealand such as Distortion 2 Static (Warner Brothers Television), MYX Live (MYX TV), Major Flavours TV (Juice), The Good Morning Show (TV 1), Code (Maori TV) and so forth. Together, they have performed in over twenty five states and numerous countries such as Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan and England.

He has also garnered radio play on major radio stations in California (102.5, 106 KMEL, Power 106) Shade 45 & Hip-Hop Nation (Sirius Satellite Radio), countless internet & college radio shows as well as radio play in Utah, Oregon Poland, Tenerife, New York, Hawaii, New Zealand and so on.

Uptown continues to display his music and skill on an international level by delivering numerous top ten singles in New Zealand Hawaii, and Japan while still keeping a tight grasp on his followers all over by continuing to administer his brand of thought provoking, uncompromising hip hop.

An active figure in the community where-ever he is at, Uptown Swuite is also a member of The H.Y.P.E. Movement – an international organization focused on building future leaders through the nurturing of our Pasifika youth. He is also a member of P.A.R.T. One, a California based non profit whose goal is to steer at risk children away from the many negative paths that are so readily available to them. He has become a recognizable and pivotal social figure in recent years within the Pasifika community worldwide with his never ending push for youth and community betterment plus with his stance as an advocate against child and domestic abuse inside of the Pasifika household.

With numerous posts and support from major hip hop players such as Hiphopdx.com, 2dopeboyz.com, djbooth.net and a slew of other blogs and websites as well as a growing reputation as one of the best mc's live, Uptown Swuite manages to stay relevant to hip hop heads worldwide while maintaining crossover appeal not only as a Samoan mc, but as a supremely talented artist coming out of virtually unknown city with the backing of an entire people.

December 2012 marked the release of Uptown Swuite's debut E.P titled 'The Joy Of Painting: The Bob Ross E.P' on New Zealand based State House Records.

Lead by the signle 'Chance To Heaven' featuring: Callir, and followed by 'Focused & Stack' with Fiji, 'The Bob Ross E.P' recieved critical acclaim amoungst the Polynesian Hip-hop community.

In addition, 'The Bob Ross E.P' also featured appearances from Public Enemy's Chuck D, as well as production from New Zealand's P-Money, L.A's Mykill Miers, legendary production duo Da Beatminerz, and more.

Teaming up again with New Zealand's State House Records, Uptown Swuite has had the chance to marinat eon his successes and hand pick tracks with new sounds and stylings.

Now, with a new E.P on deck, a precursor to his debut full-length album 'Bullets & Butterflies', Uptown Swuite enlists features from New Zealand's Mr. Sicc, and Maori songstress Te Ahorangi Winitana, along side long-time partner in rhyme, Kahlee, plus Bay Area icon Rappin' 4Tay, and fellow freestyle King, Mistah F.A.B.

On the production side of things, Dreek from Atlanta (Machine Gun Kelly, Beanie Sigel), Amazing P of NYC (50 Cent, M.O.P), Rob E (Too $hort, E-40), and Wild Urkill (50 Cent, Maino) lend their talents.

Sure to make an impact outside of the extremely close-knit Polynesian Hip-hop community, 'The Concrete Cove' plays as a perfect bridge between sounds and styles before 2014's 'Bullets & Butterlies' release.

'Concrete Cove' In Stores November 2013

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'LOVE' Feat. Ahorangi

The first official single from 'Concrete Cove' comes in the form of the Amazing P produced, 'Love', featuring Maori songstress Ahorangi. 'Love' illustrates the desire to find one's soulmate. The quest and the pre-requisites one must meet in order to be worthy of being with another. It depicts commitment and magnetism […]